Welcome to Reign-Studios

The Reign Unified API is a cross-platform plugin for the Unity3D game engine. The plugin supports a number of useful features which allow you to easily..

  • Full Source Code Included!
  • Show Ads
  • Handle In-App Purchases
  • Leaderboards & Achievements
  • Host your own Score system with Reign-Scores
  • Read / Write local game data files
  • Load / Save images to the pictures folder
  • Native Camera Picker (Max Width/Height support)
  • Native Image/Photo Picker (Max Width/Height support)
  • Show message boxes
  • Prompt the user for feedback email
  • and more!

We aim to bring a platform-agnostic approach to the API design. You only need to write code once without the need for so many compiler directives, which makes bringing your game to new platforms a snap!

Platforms Supported

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